Emmanuel Asaber: Using Photography as a means of Communication

Web developer, Lash Pixel as he is commonly known first felt in love with photography when he realized the effect great photographs had on the websites he worked on. Ever since he uses photography as a mean of communication. He told us about his passion.

Ababio-Ajeman Prosper: "No one is ugly"

Ababio-Ajeman Prosper is the artist we have today in our talents repository. BlueDee, as he is commonly known, is a first-year student at the University of Ghana and a professional photographer at DextDee Photography. 

Kwame Ayisi Kwegyir-Addo - The natural light portrait artist

When you think about a natural light portrait, you should think about Kwame Ayisi Kwegyir-Addo, our contributor of the day. This young Ghanian photography icon has been practicing full time since 2014. Born in the UK, he lived for 8 years in Kenya before settling in Ghana.

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