Peter Ndung'u: "A Single Frame can Convey so Much"

If in his teenage days some of his peers chose to call him “Size10” because of his large shoe size, this moniker, he may well owe it today to his great talent. We discussed with this promising photographer who likes to think about his photography journey as a path he was meant to be on.

Brian Otieno : The nude artist

In Nairobi Kenya, we meet Brian Otieno, a self taught Art Director and photographer working under the name Brayotieno. Brian is an avid reader of philosophy and psychology, an art lover, a fan of good whisky and a passionate of Jazz, Rumba and Classical music. He lets us discover his art.

Job Omwenga: Mister Camera One

In Nairobi-Kenyan, we meet a young and talented artist that many look as an authentic and dramatic photographer. He let us discover his art.

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