Gracefulness, calmness and warmth of Grace's skin tones. Gracefulness, calmness and warmth of Grace's skin tones.

Ababio-Ajeman Prosper: "No one is ugly"

Ababio-Ajeman Prosper is the artist we have today in our talents repository. BlueDee, as he is commonly known, is a first-year student at the University of Ghana and a professional photographer at DextDee Photography. 

The young artist started his journey into photography about two years ago when he attended a beginner's class offered by his teacher and mentor DextDee Livingstone. Within a year, he learnt a lot and developed a speciality in portrait and street photography. Then, came the revelation of light, that indispensable element of photography. He felt in love with the contrast between highlights and shadows and how they shape things around us.

stylish naa by ababio adjeman prosper

BlueDee's objective in photography is to give people their memory back by making every single picture he takes a memory to think about and to keep forever. He strongly believes no one is ugly, it's just a problem of bad lighting.


Enjoy more of BlueDee's works on:

Facebook: @ababioadjeman

Instagram: @thebluedee

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