Adekoya Eyitayo Oladmieji aka Mister Escape

Combining the elements of nature to produce a unique piece, let’s discover the Nigerian born designer Adekoya Eyitayo Oladmieji, better known as Mr Xscape, a name whose meaning clearly defines the artist and his works.

At 29 years of age, Adekoya Eyitayo is a corporate designer and motion artist. His journey into photography all started during his NYSC in Delta state, Asaba, Nigeria. As he enrolled and attended a short course in graphic designing, he laid the foundation for his future profession. While the course gave him the basic skills and techniques in designing, Youtube tutorials but also practice shaped his passion. Through dedication and hard work, the young man patiently turned himself into a self-made artist with a great love for photomanipulation.

dance fire by adekoya eyitayo

“It started off pretty rough”, Adekoya recalls. “I had to put out my low-resolution designs just for me to be recognized”. Despite all, he never gave up and kept on pushing. For the young creative, consistency is what makes a professional. Over the years, photomanipulation has become quite an easy art as he completely indulged into it. He scans everyday life situations and surfs the web in search of sparks of inspiration to nurture his creativity. One of the products of his crazy imagination is the sandwich concept.

"The sandwich concept was gotten from the office. I and some guys saw a picture on the internet. From there, we thought of crazy ideas about the sandwich. Then, I came up with the concept of a grassy sandwich…". The image is a condense of nature in a mix of wild life and human estate. But, he does not consider the sandwich to be his master piece.

Sandwich by adeyoka eyitayo

On the Lagos Island concept, Adekoya manipulates the National Theatre, one of Lagos greatest landmarks, housing it on an island. The stunning picture looks like an apocalyptic view of the imposing and elusive landmark stared away by a city dweller. For the artist, the concept behind the work is what makes it stand out.

lagos by adekoya eyitayo

Mr. Xscape did not shape his career from a vacuum. Places like Phlearn “which makes designing so simple” helped him a lot. He learned from there that simplicity is a golden rule. Today, the native of Ogun State in Nigeria his focused on developing his portfolio. He still has many creative ideas to explore and acknowledges his only limit to be his imagination.

You can check his works on:

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