Featured Ifunanya Ojiaku: The Baby Friendly Photographer

Ifunanya Ojiaku: The Baby Friendly Photographer

Babies probably have no secrets for her. Over the years she has turned what used to be a free gift into passion and then, a business to the delight of happy parents that see their kids as never before. We were pleased to have a small chat with her.

Ipheellusion is a team of baby photographers, how many are there in the group?
It is basically me, Ifunanya Ojiaku and a group of beautiful assistants. In all, we are three.

Who had the idea, the lead? Tell us how it all started
I had the idea. It all started as a thank you gift to our wedding clients. We simply offered them free newborn shoots for their firstborn as a form of appreciation. And before I knew it, it became a gift that kept giving. They were recommending us to their friends and families.

Tell us more about that name, Ipheellusion.
There is no mystical meaning to the name. I simply told Boogey, my friend, who is a rap artist that I was looking for a business name and he said to combine Iphee which is a more fun way to call my real name and illusion. Hence Ipheellusion.

Why only newborn and mums?
Well, we are fascinated with new lives and it miracle. But then, we do other types of photography. We also shoot events especially weddings and real estate photography. It also seems like we are more loud about our maternity and children photography than others which explains why it is more popular.

precious pregnancy by ifunanya ojiaku

#PreciousUnbornChild | @ipheellusion_photography

Is it easy to shoot with babies?
No, it is not. You have to exercise a lot of patience.

When is it the best time to snap?
There is never any best time to shoot babies, You just have to learn to work with their moods. They are not adults, so you cannot really control their emotions.

Almost all your shots are a staging, where do you find your inspiration?
I see all shoot as an adventurous journey. So I draw inspirations from everywhere, However, all themes must be suitable to the client's need.

Is Baby photography a lucrative business in Abuja?
Yes, it is just like every other business. It depends on the value and quality of what you are offering. We always strive towards excellence and this keeps our clients coming back for more.

baby girl by ifunanya ojiaku

#OneYearAdaozo | @ipheellusion_photography

If it wasn’t newborns and mums, which type would you be into?
I really love real estate photography. That will be a perfect substitute.

What are the daily challenges you face?
Funds and more funds. A lot can be achieved easily with more funds.

Your best experience so far with babies
Every of my little client is special and unique in his or her own way. Every moment spent with each of them has been my best experience so far.

Does shooting babies help to understand them better?
Oh yes! I know more about babies since I started shooting. It has been such an insightful experience.

i love playing by ifunanya ojiaku

#CuteAmin | @ipheellusion_photography

Is there any other babies photographer in Nigeria or on the continent you may like to work with? Why?
A lot of them...In Nigeria? Moduphotography, M12photography, Adesuwa and outside Nigeria, there is Jacinta of Jacintadabelphototgraphy. I really love their style and creativity and business sense.

What would be your advice to a photographer starting with babies?
Be very patient and do everything with love, the money will follow.

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