Kuton Michael Casmir: Using Photography to Change Perceptions by Kuton Michael [NGA]

Kuton Michael Casmir: Using Photography to Change Perceptions

At only 24, this young photographer is already gaining attention on the international scene. His work is an ode to black skin and black people. We discussed with him.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Kuton Michael Casmir, I am a professional photographer of 24 years old man from Lagos, Nigeria.

Tell us about your last work?
I recently worked on exploring the inner beauty of black African skin. I am from a place where having dark skin makes you less of a human compared to a light skin person. So basically I want to use my photographs to change the way people think about having a dark skin. So younger people with dark skin can be proud of themselves.

black and white portrait by kuton michael casmir

#Black&WhitePortrait | © Kuton Michael Casmir

As an experienced African photographer, what will you tell your 16 years old who wants to follow your steps?
I will probably tell him to explore and shoot more as he can.

When people ask what you do for a living. What do you say?
Without hesitation, Photographer.

rose innocence by kuton michael casmir

#InnocentRose | © Kuton Michael Casmir

Is there any photographer you will like to share an exhibition with?
Yeah! I would like to share an exhibition with Ben Bond.

Any milestone yet? If yes, which ones?
Three of my images were shortlisted for the Nikon’s I am Africa competition final 30.

melanine by kuton michael casmir

#MelanineTone | © Kuton Michael Casmir

Tell us about your story as a photographer. How it all started.
Photography started for me when I was in my second year in the university. Prior to that time, I used to have a small point and shoot camera, which I mostly take about when going out especially to family vacations to capture moments. I was later introduced to professional photography by a friend. And not to forget I used to be Ben Bond’s assistant, I learned a lot about the art and business of photography from him.

Bonus Question: What do you have to say when people say: "Men become photographers because of the girls"?
Any photographer that is in this because of the girls is a joke. Photography is an art and should be treated like one.

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