Kwame Ayisi Kwegyir-Addo - The natural light portrait artist

When you think about a natural light portrait, you should think about Kwame Ayisi Kwegyir-Addo, our contributor of the day. This young Ghanian photography icon has been practicing full time since 2014. Born in the UK, he lived for 8 years in Kenya before settling in Ghana.

Though he occasionally uses artificial light, Ayisi prefers natural light. He particularly loves the feel he gets from shooting in such environment.
About his influences, he finds them in the works of local photographers like Steve Ababio and internationally acclaimed figures such as Dani Diamond. They are a great source of inspiration to him and count among the reasons he chose photography as a profession.

To see more of his content, check him on:
Facebook as Ayisi Photography
Instagram as @ayisi_photography

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