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Luckson Rugah : Art and Brain, Keys to Outstanding Shoots

 Luckson Rugalabamu is a young photographer of 24 from Moshi town, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. This professional accountant dived early into photography and have since developed his style.


Though you may find him doing landscape, events and corporate, Luckson Rugah as he his best known, mainly shoots fashion. He is a fashion lover always impressed by beauty.
When it comes to talking about his art, the young Tanzanian believes photography is more a question of brain and heart. When you feel what you are shooting with all your heart and associate your brain, you will get something outstanding he says.


african pride by luckson rugah

Luckson get his inspiration from photographers like Frank Bernard, his mentor, who has helped him with the tips to improve his art. Clemence Elia or Osse Greca Sinare also count among those talents who stimulate his creativity.

afro awesomeness by luckson rugah

Doing good photography takes time. Talent, commitment, practice, respect and the tendency of seeking knowledge from other sources are the key factors of success he argues. Exchange programs with fellow photographers are a great way to learn new things and broaden one’s horizons. Luckson acknowledges that through photography he has met people who inspired him in many ways. As such, for him shooting is not about the money, although money is necessary for funding, it is more about connections and doing what makes him smile and feel happy in life. Photography has brought a great difference in his life.

african beauty by luckson rugah

Presently, the young Tanzanian is working on a project that will link his art and society. He is developing a way to impact his environment with his photography. You may found out about it pretty soon on his website under construction,

Check Luckson's work: 




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