A view of Cape Town from the top of Signal Hill on a foggy day A view of Cape Town from the top of Signal Hill on a foggy day

Marwa Essam : Capturing Beautiful Scenes

 Marwa Essam, an amateur photographer from Cairo, Egypt studied Accounting in school and is working today in Finance at an Oil and Gas company. He tells us a little about his story with photography.

My name is Marwa Essam, I am from Cairo, Egypt. I have always loved cameras and admired the good photographs I come across every day. in 2014, I moved to Cape Town, South Africa where literally everything around me was beautiful and every scene was worth capturing.

 the colorfu houses of bo kaap by marwa essam

I spent most of my weekends exploring the city and taking shots.
I am more into Landscape photography but I shoot portraits sometimes. I find my source of inspiration in beautiful scenery.
I love shooting at sunsets and these are always my favorite photos.

the morphous sculptur by marwa essam

When I look back at my work when I first started taking photos, I always think the best thing to help develop one's skills is to go out and take more photos. I also spend a lot of time looking at the work of other photographers for inspiration. Serge Ramelli is one of my favorite photographers for his beautifully composed photos and also his editing skills.

 Chapmans Peak Dr by marwa essam

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  • Abu Refaee
    Abu Refaee, 4 July, 2017 10:07 Comment Link

    I've come to know Marwa as a person of nature who really loves and appreciate nice views, also her interest in photographing was obviously noticeable, that's why I'm not surprised when I came to see this article.

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