Mouhamed Zarzi: On the Difficulties of Being a Photographer

Today we discovered an Algerian amateur photographer, Mouhamed Zarzi who shared with us the difficulties of being a photographer in his environment.

When I was 15 I loved taking pictures and I had my first phone with an amazing camera. So I started taking pictures of flowers and cars. I loved it, especially black & white photography and pictures that shows depression and loneliness.

landscape by mouhamed zarzi

After few years I bought my First DSLR and I knew nothing about Aperture and ISO, so I watched many Youtube videos and everytime I watch something I go outside and try to do the same. Till today, I only have few months with this DSLR "Nikon D3300".

I love photography but, being a photographer is hard because you need a lot of money to buy different equipments. Just a lens is very costly.

It is difficult to learn photography in Algeria when you want to become a great photographer like me. At a point in time, I wanted to go to Europe to study photography and improve my skills. Prague in the Czech Republic was my planned destination because I had some friends there. Unfortunately, I finally didn’t make the trip.

trees in landscape by mouhamed zarzi

Presently, I am saving up to buy a 50mn or decent zoom lens to improve the quality of my shots. My 18-55 kit lens is outdated. I think I will quit taking pictures until then. I hope to come back stronger, with more determination to level my art.

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