Oladayo Odunaro: I Shoot What I Feel

 "An awesome subject, correct lighting, creative composition plus a whole lot of luck", Oladayo Odunaro, an eclectic Nigerian photographer tells us about his art, disclosing few secrets on how to make perfect shots. 

Can you introduce yourself to our readers? 
My name is Oladayo Odunaro, I'm 28 years old, Born and raised in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. I am a graduate of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, from the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. I am a cinematographer & photographer, head of production at GBPixels.

Are you the person behind the brand @gbpxls? What is that?
Yes, I am. GBPixels is a production company that I and Ayomide Okunowo started back in 2012.

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Tell us about your story as a photographer. How did it all start?
My journey as a photographer started professionally in 2012, but prior to that, I have been drawn to gadgets specifically gadgets with cameras. If I was going to get a phone, it would typically be one with high megapixels (yes, I know better now, it is not all about the Megapixels). Being the man with the better available camera, I would always want to take pictures to flaunt and brag about the image quality from a 2 or 5MP camera phone. Fast forward a few years I was bitten by the videography bug, I have always been a fan of the works of Tunde Kelani, so I always knew I wanted to be a filmmaker. My first piece that went viral (as viral as anything could go in 2012) was a video taken with my phone, a Nokia C7. The response I got from it was critical in my decision to take this career path up. No, I will not show you the video, Yes, it is quite embarrassing.

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What type of photography are you into? Why those choices?
I have never liked niches, not been one to specialize. So, saying I am a type of photographer would be highly inaccurate. I basically shoot what I feel. I consider this my way of expressing my art-form, and I portray what I am inspired through my lenses, be it in video or photo form. But, if I am to be forced to pick a lane, I would say fashion, portrait and people photography, but I shoot everything.

Photography, passion or business?
Passion, quite obviously. The business is not as it should be on this side of the world, so, it is the passion that keeps me shooting, in hopes that someday the passion would yield profits.

You seem to like shooting with colored lights, why? Is it something you are experimenting?
Yes, I like the effect of colored lights either I use it very small bits as highlights or I exaggerate it, I just love that it adds that bit of extra. I am not experimenting with it, though it might be a phase, and if it is, I have been in it for a long while, I am still loving it.

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Is there an Oladayo style? Can you describe it?
I don't think so, and I really think it would be up to the viewer/fan to be able to point out the style. I am just creating, not following a template, and as a person, I get bored of repeating tasks, I like to switch up a lot, so I am quite sure if I notice such a pattern by nature, I would be forced to switch things up.

Who are the photographers that inspire you, people you look up to? What do you like about their style?
Art Streiber, Wes Anderson; Art Streiber is a photographer, Wes Anderson is a filmmaker, I really love how simplistic their output is, I love their body of work and I am just a big fan of theirs.

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A great part of black African photography today is more about woman and makeup. Do you agree?
Yes, I agree.

Your definition of the perfect shot.
The Perfect Shot = Awesome subject + correct lighting + creative composition + a whole lot of luck!!

Any milestone yet?
Can't really say, as I mm not really measuring or comparing myself to anyone or a standard, but I am grateful for growth.

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Tell us about your portfolio, people you have work with, projects you have been on.
I have had the opportunity to work for The Lagos State Government, Uber Nigeria, Cool FM, Wazobia FM, GBLagos, etc.

Any advice to the young generation who is looking up to you?
Be patient, keep working on your craft and steadily get better, you will appreciate the growth curve when the opportunity you've been waiting for comes knocking and you are extra prepared for it.

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