Olufemi Olabode: Beauty through Nude Photography

Even if it may still be considered as a taboo in Africa, Femi Olabode chose to indulge himself in nude and glamour photography, making them his prime area of focus. Ever since, he has been creating eye-catching images, mostly in black and white inviting us to (re) discover the beauty of the human body. We discussed with him.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Who is Femi?
I am Olufemi Olabode of Femiolabode photography. A graduate of Mass Communication from a private university. I am based in Lagos, Nigeria and I am a photographer.

You shoot a lot in black & white, why?
Black/white is where my heart and soul are. I feel that by shooting in black and white, I can better communicate and convey my emotions, thoughts, and feelings. I feel that black and white is less of an aesthetic, but more of a feeling. It better communicates how I feel. Black/white is less discriminating. Even if the light isn’t very good, black/white is better able to distill the essence and emotion of a scene. It disregards light, colors, and other distractions to the eyes.

We have seen some of your works around curvy and sexy girls, can you account for this choice?
All body types deserve to feel sexy in their own skin, just the way they are. I love to highlight the curves of the body, the body is an art. You will be amazed to know that not many photographers can flatter their subjects amazing curves from every angle.

Body shapes by Femi Olabode

#ShapesofMe | @FemiOlabode

You made some shots about scars, what was the idea behind? Did you explore it deeper?
Yes, I did. As a matter of fact, this is something I am still working on. One of my plus-sized models made me decide to shoot scars. She had lots of scars on her which she wasn't proud of, but I saw them differently. After shooting her, she saw how beautiful her imperfections are. Lol. I have shot stretch marks too, crazy right?

Some people on the continent still don’t accept nudity as art, what is your opinion about that?
This is a big issue in Africa, our eyes are yet to open to the beauty of nude art. I wish people would appreciate it more rather than condemn it.

What is the story behind the artist? How did you come to photography? The challenges and stepping stones.
I started out as a model from my university days. Not a lot of people know that aspect of me. Lol. I started photography after my graduation and it has been a jolly good ride ever since. However, because of the type of photography I shoot, there isn't much market for that aspect of photography in Africa. There is not much acceptance.

Fantasy by Femi Olabode

#MountBody | @FemiOlabode

What brought you to glamour photography?
I fell in love with glamour photography because it is classic, yet highly expressive and subtly sensual. You see, the ability to utilize lighting techniques to develop dramatic effects is fascinating, seeing subject emerge from the dark background to reveal their faces is magical. I want to help women look and feel beautiful by cultivating their confidence in their own bodies. I want to be able to help every woman recognize her individual beauty, provide an opportunity for her to break through her comfort zone, honor her body, and celebrate femininity.

What do you like most about it?
It is simple, fascinating, alluring, and attracting.

Can you describe your art in few words?
My art is much more than sexuality or implied nudity rather, it goes to capture the beauty, both outside and in.

Young with style by Femi Olabode

#LikeMeNow | @FemiOlabode

Is photography a full-time job or simply a passion?
Photography is my passion. I left a banking career for photography. I'm into photography full-time now.

Which are the people who influence you most, if any?
Honestly, none.

If it was not photography, what would have been your profession?
I would probably be a farmer.

Boy and girl by Femi Olabode

#FeelingYouFeelingMe | @FemiOlabode

At which stage of your career as a photographer do you think you are today: beginner, intermediary, advanced, accomplished?
I'm self-taught. I learn every day. I shoot and shoot and shoot. I would say I'm in the intermediary stage.

Any recognition or projects you are particularly proud of?
I do not have any recognition yet. The scar project is ongoing.

You can check Femi's work on Facebook and Instagram.



  • Ayo BlaQ
    Ayo BlaQ, 1 November, 2017 04:11 Comment Link

    This is just the beginning friend. The sky isn’t your stepping stone.

    ODERINDE SESAN ALLEY, 1 November, 2017 11:11 Comment Link

    What a wonderful photographer, keep doing what you're doing because in no time you're gonna go places by God's Grace... by the way Nice Artworks you've gat??

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