How to Promote a Destination with Drone Imagery?

They are many on the African continent who have decided to use their art primarily as a tool for change. The young men we meet today use drone imagery to make people discover their home country from a completely different view angle. Over the months, their brand has become so trendy on Cameroon’s social media that it has been associated with some major events in the country like the victory tour of the newly crowned African champions of football in February 2017. Even if they are not the pioneers of drone photography in Cameroon, Junior Chavez, and Frank Mensah can be considered as those who lifted that type of photography to new highs. We had the pleasure to discuss with them.

Felix Fokoua: Drawing to success

Committed to drawing since his early childhood, the pencil of our day’s contributor, blossoms in the valorisation of the black African culture.

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