Yusuf Sanni: Photography, a Tool for Self Expression

Yusuf is a young photographer who is slowly paving his way into the crowded photography scenery of Lagos. We discussed about his career so far.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Who is Yusuf Sanni?
Yusuf Sanni is a young photographer and a student of Architecture, from Nigeria.

Tell us about your story with photography, how did it start?
I started by going to a photography school to learn the basics for about three months, I got my camera a while after.

Are there people who shaped your passion?
No, nobody.

hall by yusuf sanni

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What type of photography are you into?
I am in a documentary, portraits, and fashion photographer.

There is this series of photographs you took entitled “Skin (Love Yours)”, I think you worked with Tobi Olajojo, what was the idea behind? what message did you try to pass through?
The idea was simply to emphasize self-Love and, to make people with irregular skin features feel good about themselves and show them they are beautiful as well. This could apply to a lot of things in life.

Was there an exhibition? If not, is there one planned?
No, there was no exhibition. We are planning one for December.

Can you say there is a Yusuf Sanni style? Describe it in few words
Well, I can’t say that yet. It takes a long time to build a personal style, but I am pretty sure I am on the right track.

street of lagos by yusuf sanni

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What do you like most about photography?
I like the fact that photography can be a tool for self-expression.

Your definition of a perfect shot?
A photograph that strikes the viewers soul. Also, with some elements of photography in place such as framing, composition.

Can you tell us a little bit about your portfolio, people/projects you have work with, recognition or awards won?
My portfolio ranges from personal documentary projects to fashion editorials to portraits of people. I got recognition from VSCO a few times, got in the top 20 winners for an online photography contest where I got to exhibit my work as well.

style in the nature by yusuf sanni

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Some people believe photography can be a tool for change. Do you agree? How can it be used?
Yes, I agree. I feel photography can provide a lens in which the rest of the world can view Africa not just as a nation waiting in lines but as a continent ready to face challenges that come their way with utmost strength and beauty.
The reality behind my passion for photography is the urge to create something genuinely iconic, the urge to satisfy a greater need. Of being a part of something bigger than myself in the quest of giving back to humanity.

You can check Yusuf's work on Instagram

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