Felix Fokoua: Drawing to success

Committed to drawing since his early childhood, the pencil of our day’s contributor, blossoms in the valorisation of the black African culture.

A Conversation with Photographer Amin Sedig

This week end, we travel to the third largest country in Africa through the blue and white Nile to Khartoum. There, we meet a man whose true passion began when he acquired a DSLR professional camera back in 2013.

Understanding Stock Photography

Do you know what stock photography is all about? How does it work? While the answers to these questions may seem obvious to professionals in the advertising, record management, graphic design, visual art industries, we can’t bet the same for everyone else. Today, we take you to the discovery of stock photography.

Mouhamed Ahbour: "Canon is my first and last love"

At the door of the desert, the city of Ouarzazate, theatre to many great movies and TV series including the famous Game of Thrones or Prison Break, we encounter a young Moroccan passionate about photography and graphic design, Mouhamed Ahbour.

Job Omwenga: Mister Camera One

In Nairobi-Kenyan, we meet a young and talented artist that many look as an authentic and dramatic photographer. He let us discover his art.

Nadia Rifaat: The colour and vibrance Photographer

On a Wednesday evening in Cairo, Egypt, we talk to Nadia Rifaat as we discover her works. Born 60 years ago, Nadia is a late beginner in photography. Although she always had a camera ever since her childhood, her real passion for photography only developed when she was in her 50s.

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